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About StewartsWebWorks


Hello and welcome, let me begin by saying developing websites started off as just something i liked to do, i enjoyed and still do enjoy creating graphic images, coding with php and then seeing a functioning dynamic end product, giving me a sence of achievement.

I've learnt more and more on how to use graphics and code to produce clean and tidy websites.

From when i started messing about with html code and images in 2002 to what i can do now just shows i'm always learning and improving.

I was born in Hull and have lived in Hull East Yorkshire all my life, Kingston upon Hull, East Riding of Yorkshire is a place of Pioneering existence, Constantly upgrading itself to participate in the future of other cities, Hull gives as much as what you are willing to receive. Same as life, you only get out of life what you put into it.

I didn't fail...
I just found a thousand ways that don't work.

My passion was to become a Traffic Cop but in failing a medical when i was younger i turned to another passion which was Vehicle Recovery, so for the past 20+ Years I've been in the Vehicle Recovery industry as what's known as, Heavy Rescue, Recovering vehicles from the small to the large, cars upside down in a drain to 44 ton trucks stuck in a field.
A demanding type of job at all hours day and night in all weather conditions, but yet very rewarding and challenging.

If you would like for me to develop a website for you or your business, contact me by registering an account...
I'll be happy to discuss your project with you.

    HTML 78%
    SQL 96%
    PHP 98%
    CSS 84%
    Javascript 68%
    jQuery 72%
    XML 74%