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RadioDJ REST Server

Steve S

a year ago

Having the REST Server installed isn't a difficult task and can be useful as a web panel so I thought I'd put together a tutorial on how to get this up and running.
Let us begin...

RadioDJ Folder

  • Open File Explorer on you're pc, and goto you're C: Drive

  • Find in the list RadioDJ and open the folder.

  • Goto the folder "Disabled Plugins"

  • Copy and paste the Plugin_RestServer.dll and the Plugin_RestServer.xml file into Plugins folder of RadioDJ.

  • Copy the Newtonsoft.Json.dll in the main RadioDJ folder.

Run as Administrator

  • Start RadioDJ as Administrator (Right click and Run as Administrator)

  • Login to you're RadioDJ, then click the Options tab

  • Goto Plugins and double click "REST Server.

  • Now you should have Listen IP:PORT and Password.

  • Put in the IP address so we can connect to RadioDJ, and a port number - 5555 would be good here.

  • Add a password and click save

  • Start the REST Server.

Port Forwarding

  • Now you've added that information, it's a good time to login to you're router and pc security to allow port and create port forwarding.

REST Server config.php

If you're using the RadioDJ T-V1.0 add the information in the config.php file, save and upload.

  • define('REST_IP', ''); // IP of the rest server to you're RadioDJ machine

  • define('REST_PORT', ''); // Port number for the rest server (I've used 5555 (Don't forget to allow port forwarding)

  • define('REST_PASS', ''); Create a good password and add it in

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