Title : RDJSite-iRADIO
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Showing Now playing with 4 Up Next - integrated for auto refresh using AJAX and will display username and message if one placed.
Recently Played page showing the last 24 recently played songs.
Most Requested shows the 24 most requested songs.
Most Liked shows the 24 most liked songs.
Requests shows all current songs listed in your DB with pagination or the best way is a LIVE SEARCH.
SongStats shows the song information, Artist, Title, Times played, Last played, along with artist image with more from, this page has the request and like button for requesting the song, message optional and the like button which can be undone.
Dashboard:User - Permissions to receive newsletters etc, change personal information, Add an advert and contact admin.
Dashboard:Admin - As User but extra control, memberlist with management, manage adverts, send newsletters, view Request messages.
This site is a Members ONLY Request so anyone wishing to request needs to be a member.

NOTE: For display purposes these sites are viewed using a small part of the XperienceRewind.co.uk database and will not update.


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