RDJ Dashboard V1.0

RadioDJ Dashboard with REST Server integration.
With this script you can search you're song library and edit song information as well as update rotation weight, category etc
A members list for users with control over who can use the REST Server playlist and Song list access. (djs and presenters)
Playlist direct from RadioDJ, add songs using the search feature to the top or bottom of the queue directly.

Edit the config.php file with your site name, slogan, and url...
Add YOUR database information for database connection.
Add you're REST Server details for connection
Upload the contents of the folder to your webhost, and goto setup.php.

More Help: https://www.stewartswebworks.com/forum-post.php?id=17

NOTE: For display purposes these sites are viewed using a small part of the XperienceRewind.co.uk database and will not update.


  • REST Server

  • Song Edit