RadioDJ T V2

The RadioDJ T V2 is a fully developed webscript for RadioDJ and comes with the RDJ Dashboard V1.0.
It has many functions and features to it including interactive Requests and Song Likes.
Most of this site is using Ajax and JSON as well as php.
Now playing is JSON driven as well as On Air for DJs/Presenters.
Running schedule grabs from RadioDJ's Events and shows upcoming that you have on that day showing latest 4
The DJ's, is randomly picked ever 20 seconds so will shuffle.
News and Blogs for adding news to you're site.
DJ/Presenter slots is JSON driven also reloading every 30 seconds, You or you're djs/presenters will be able to add hourly sessions in the dashboard. Don't miss will be a DJ/Presenter session that you can Pin..
Top Requested shows the most requested song.
Popup player with an analyzer (This doesn't work on all browsers)
In the dashboard you'll find a multitude of pages from previously requested and liked songs, updating personal information, create a blog/news post, song list with edit feature including: Enable/disable song, change song weight, update song details and more...
REST Server built in so you can move, add songs with the song search feature in real time.
Publish or suspend adverts on you're site
And Much More...

Edit the config.php file with your information and database connection...
Upload to you're webserver and goto setup.php.

This webscript is a fully developed site and has many features, not you're average template!! - alot of work has gone into this development :)


  • AJAX and JSON Driven

  • php MySQLi

  • REST Server

  • Blogs/news

  • Schedule

  • Requests

  • Requested

  • Live Search

  • DJ/Presenter Profiles

  • Adverts

  • Dashboard