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This is a very simple shoutcast XML stats script that will get the information from Shoutcast server and display... I've made it with online and offline feature all you need to do is read in the comments where to change server details for your server and add some css to fit your website. Thank you

Fill and Send Invoice V1.0DOWNLOAD

Very basic and simple invoice... Simply download, extract and edit name etc, upload to server.

Fill in and click send.

These and any scripts on this page for download can be used and modified to your needs.
They are on an as is basis so therefore you are downloading as they come, they are working scripts and although functional, may not be to your specifications it's upto you to modify them to your needs.

With the Shoutcast XML you can:

  • Station name: XperienceRewind
  • Status: On-air - Broadcasting
  • Playing: Ollie & Jerry - Breakin' ...Aint No Stoppin Us
  • Listeners: 787
  • Genre: 80s
  • URL:
  • Broadcast bitrate: 128kb/s