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RDJ Config file introduction

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RDJ Config file introduction

Steve S

a year ago

Here's some outlines for the RadioDJ Config File.
You will see many define in the config file, go through and alter/add the information that is required, between the ''. for eg: define('SITE_NAME', 'Station Name');
Depending on which script will depend on what settings will be available.
Let's get started...

Site Information
define('SITE_NAME', 'RadioDJ T V1.0'); = Change RadioDJ T V1.0 to you're stations name..
define('SITE_SLOG', 'All the Hits'); = Change All the Hits to you're stations slogan..
define('SITE_PHONE', ''); = Add a Telephone number / Or leave blank..
define('SITE_WHAPP', ''); = Add a WhatsApp Number / Or leave blank..
define('ADMIN_EMAIL', ''); = Add in you're admin email for the station, this is needed..
define('SITE_URL', ''); = Add the websites URL in full, this is needed for various parts of the script to work correctly...

Database Connection Details
define('DATAB_HOST', 'IPADDRESS:3306'); = Add the IP address and Port Number (Normally 3306) to you're machine running RadioDJ
define('DATAB_PORT', '3306'); = Add the Port again
define('DATAB_DB', 'DATABASE-NAME'); = The Database Name
define('DATAB_UNAME', 'USRNAME'); = Database Username
define('DATAB_PASS', 'DB-PASSWORD'); = Database Password

Shoutcast Information
define('SC_URL_IP', ''); = You're shoutcast stream url or IP (no http:// !)
define('SC_PORTNM', ''); = You're Shoutcast PORT Number
define('SC_SID', '1'); = eg: "1" (SHOUTcast Default)
define('SC_MOUNT', 'listen'); = The mount for listen eg: "listen" or ";"
define('SC_URLEX', 'mp3'); = eg: "mp3"
define('SC_SSL', 'https'); = SSL https Stream
define('SWW_PLVL', '0.75'); = "0.0" to "1.0" for player volume

Display Settings
Dependant on which script will depend on avalable settings.

define('RECENTPLYD', '40'); = Recently played (40)
define('REQPROWS', '30'); = Show xx Results per page
define('REQINT', '1'); = Request interval. (HOURS(How many hours before a song is available for request again))
define('TOPREQUESTED', '40'); = Top Requested (10 - 40 -100)
define('TOPLIKED', '40'); = Top Liked (10 - 40 -100)
define('ALLOWLIKES', 'YES'); = Allow users to LIKE songs (YES | NO)
define('ALLOWREQS', 'YES'); = Allow users to REQUEST songs (YES | NO)
define('ALLOWPREVS', 'YES'); = Allow users to PREVIEW songs (YES | NO) You have to upload you're music library to the songs folder if YES

REST Server Settings
If you are not using the REST Server, Leave all blank.

define('REST_IP', ''); = IP of the rest server to you're RadioDJ machine
define('REST_PORT', ''); = Port number for the rest server (I've used 5555 (Don't forget to allow port forwarding)
define('REST_PASS', ''); = Create a good password and add it in

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